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A set of 32x32 basic sprites and tilesets for top down games.

Files contain a Unity package and extracted textures for use in other engines.

WebGL Demo

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- 48 props
- 15 grasses
- 3 trees
- 256x256 grass tileset
- 256x256 stone ground tileset
- 512x512 wall tileset
- Seperated shadow sprites
- Simple character controller included
- Demo scene included
- Supports Standard RP, URP and HDRP

This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not needed but appreciated.  You may not redistribute it or resell it.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Fantasy, Medieval, nature, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down, Unity


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Pixel Art Top Down - Basic.zip 1 MB


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Thanks, this is what i find.

Thanks , its so good!

These are great, really. Amazing. The only thing I'd mention is that a packed file with everything would be appreciated. Also, some of the stairs are one bit wider than needed.

But really, 10/10


Nice pack, I would love to see more variation like, Snow, Lava, Cave styles.

I think everything is amazing but the character doesn't fit too well with the theme or the rest of the pack in my opinion. While the art style is consistent and the same, a boxy, fat cat doesn't make much sense to me. Good job though!

Wow! This must have taken so long! I want to learn from it, thank you so much for sharing this!

wow that's looooooks realllly cooool wow


wow super cool asset pack, thx!

thanks for sharing, I'm going to use it to study your pixel art!

Such a good job! I go to use them on a personal project, just to investigate some gba-like movement. Let me know if you want any kind of particular credits on the blog (I'll add your name and link to itch.io if that's enough).


This is remarkable. Thank you so much for providing game devs with this, Don't sell yourself short! This is 100% worthy of a price tag of at least $15, given how long it must have taken. The artwork is fantastic and you deserve to be paid for your wonderful work!

In fact, when I get the money, I'll pay $15.

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link: https://itch.io/jam/world-environment-day-bundle-2022

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Nice Asset!!

beautiful assets, can anyone show me the bitmask configuration in the godot of these assets?

Did you ever figure this out? I'm struggling with the same thing rn


I like this scene!Thanks


Amazing quality, really reminds me of Death's Door or Titan Souls.


Great job, i am new to game dev, I wanted to ask, does anyone know how to make the shadows? because they are opaque and when I change the opacity of the sprite, and there were two shadows in the same place, the opacities were added, and I don't like how it looks, how can I solve it? I use GameMaker Studio 2


Draw all shadows to a surface with an alpha of 1.  Then draw that surface to the game with a lower alpha.  This will allow all shadows to have the same opacity.


This is pretty good ngl.


This is really good!
I used it in my game : Magical ruins  


hey, I'm new to game dev and i just want to ask if godot easier then gms2

also your game looks amazing


I don鈥檛 know, because haven't tried gms2.

I'm new to game dev too, but besides the games themselves, I wanted to start using linux and open source software, and here godot turned out to be the best for me.


thx for responding  

Hope u best luck

Deleted 199 days ago

Hello Can u help me with bit mapping tilemaps of the assets 

Hello. I published source of this project. If you have any questions - write, I will try to help.


Wow thanks

This is actually sick

Thanks for your great job


Hey! Thanks for making this asset!

I have used you asset in one of my videos! I hope that you like it :)

Take care!



Hi, I really like the style of your packs! I would like to propose you a collaboration for the realization of a videogame. How can I reach you out? I haven't found an email address anywhere.

Hello, you can contact me at contact@cainos.net

But recently I may not have time to do commission works.


cool!  i like what you did with the statue... reminds me of Graveyard Keeper... 馃槣

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game: https://rk-jain.itch.io/the-twilight-diaries


GREAT! Looks so beautiful, but it's a little bit too much of a game (already player with all the scripts and objects with all the components in unity) and destroys the fun of game developing a bit. Still really good asset.

I saw you on youtube man although I am not here from your youtube but you are doing great man keep it up you are insane.

Hey thanks for the Awesome Work on this tileset, I used it in my game Overseer! If you'd like to check it out, you can find it on steam!
I do have a demo of the game available as well, although that does need to be updated.

(1 edit)

How did you get that glow shader effect in the demo? That is really neat.

By using post processing.

Could you be more specific in the process ? I really like the effect and I'd like to replicate it


A great pack with nice atmosphere :)

Hey! I really liked your content and used it in my game for a university subject, I put you in my credits.

If you want to see my game: https://jeffersonrodrigues7.itch.io/campo-de-batalha

Thanks you for making this. Used it in a youtube video

thank you


Hello beautiful art.

Do you want to work with us?

If so, write me an email - windcomany08@gmail.com

We will discuss the details

This is really beautiful, awesome work! Really cool that you made something like this free. Hope you make some more assets in this style, I think packs like this are definitely worth some money. It's a perfect style for the game I'm working on too, so getting my hands on more tilesets like this would be a lifesaver.

looks great thank you

This tileset is absolutely gorgeous.

Love the tileset!
We ended up using it in our latest submission:

We have spend a bit of time altering some of the tiles and adding additional stairs :-)

You've been credited on your own sign post in our credits screen, hope you don't mind!

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