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A set of 32x32 basic sprites and tilesets for top down games.

Files contain a Unity package and extracted textures for use in other engines.

WebGL Demo

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- 48 props
- 15 grasses
- 3 trees
- 256x256 grass tileset
- 256x256 stone ground tileset
- 512x512 wall tileset
- Seperated shadow sprites
- Simple character controller included
- Demo scene included
- Supports Standard RP, URP and HDRP

This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not needed but appreciated.  You may not redistribute it or resell it.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(101 total ratings)
Tags2D, 32x32, Fantasy, Medieval, nature, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down, Unity


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Pixel Art Top Down - Basic.zip 1 MB


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Really great tileset! I was wondering if having an open github repo (with parts of the assets in it) counts as a redistribution of the tileset?

Hello, it is OK.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it <3

This is a great tile set, thank you so much.

It is such a pleasant stile <3 thanks for sharing it.

Great tileset, and I'm using it to create a background for my game. Definitely

A few small points of feedback:

  • The shadow for the stairs seems to be missing from the pngs (the ones going from bottom middle  to top left at an angle)
  • The shadows require you to have transparency for them in your toolset, which mine (ogmo) doesn't support. Partially transparent images would be better, in my opinion
  • The bush tiles aren't spaced far enough apart to use as 32x32 tiles - you'll end up with the left part of the next bush in the tile of the right part of the one you want

Amazing work I love all of this and huge inspiration for my work! Take care

You might want to take a look at this:

oh.... that's gross.

thanks for telling me

It looks good


Thank you so much again, here is my mini-game with your assets. https://gwynameer.itch.io/super-slime-scourge

Great tileset! Good job!

I've never downloaded this but as a fellow artist, this is some amazing work!

I love this tileset. Thanks!


Where do I change the spawn location? I already looked up the scripts

I wanted it to spawn on:

Layer 2

X: 4,0187

Z: 19,84369

I love this pack, thank you !

Do you have the demo project open sourced ?

Just realised that the Demo is included with the assets pack. Very grateful .

Hello, first of all, thank you for this amazing free asset. I would like to use it in my own topdown game, but I also need to implement lighting in the same game. I'm using the Universal Render Pipeline 2D for lighting, but when I set the render settings to URP2D and start using it, I encounter some issues with the visuals. For example, when my main character stand in front of a box, instead of standing on top of it, the character appears underneath it. How can I fix this problem? I've been trying to solve it with ChatGPT for a few days now, but we haven't been successful. Can you please help me?

Hello, it sounds like a sorting problem.


In [Project Settings] :

Set [Transparency Sort Mode] to [Custom Axis]

Set [Transparency Sort Axis] to [0,1,1]

These settings are hiden if you have put a profile in the [Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings], try set it to NONE first, then set the value and set the profile back to it.


Sorry for the late reply, it worked thanks!

I love it. Can i use it for a personal project? i will share it later  :) 


Any plans to add more assets like that?  They look great and I would like more in a similar style


I recommend you to add 32x32 tag

ok, thanks

Could you give me some tips? I'm new to pixel art and I really admire your work. You do it masterfully! Please share with me some guidance on how to achieve art as amazing as yours. Thank you very much

well... just keep working hard

I believe my explanation was too superficial. Would it be possible to provide some tips on how to create a color palette? What criteria do you use to determine the colors and how is your process?

I don't adhere to any specific color palette when creating pixel art. Instead, I rely on my intuition to directly pick colors.

I believe that improving your pixel art skills doesn't necessarily mean solely studying pixel art. Enhancing your overall artistic abilities can greatly contribute as well.

Prior to delving into pixel art, I worked as a 3D artist and devoted considerable time to learning illustration. This foundation proved invaluable when transitioning to pixel art.

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Thank you, Cainos! I believe that his experience with 3D works has contributed to a better understanding of light and shadow. The attention you dedicate to these aspects in your assets is quite noticeable. I will certainly take that into account going forward.

cool 馃椏

Amazing pack, do you do commission work? I could use your work on a big project I'm working on

Hi, I just bought these amazing art assets. I want to use them for a web based game on my home page, is that ok?


Thank you! I'll share a link once it's up.


These sprites and tilesets are soooooo beautiful!!!!鉂わ笍 I appreciate your work but sadly I don't have money to support your artwork馃様

Love your work, do you accept custom contract?

sorry, i am unable to do commission works recently.

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For mobile inputs use this:
private void FixedUpdate() { 

            Vector2 dir = new Vector2(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"), Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical")); //Custom Input

            if (Mathf.Abs(dir.y) == 1) {

                animator.SetInteger("Direction", dir.y > 0 ? 1 : 0);

            } else if(Mathf.Abs(dir.x) == 1) {

                animator.SetInteger("Direction", dir.x > 0 ? 2 : 3);



            animator.SetBool("IsMoving", dir.magnitude > 0);

            rb.velocity = speed * dir;


(1 edit)

in what language is this? C#?

Looks like a Unity Engine script. So yea, C#

thanks :)

Thankyou so much bro.

Amazing art! 


I will use these for my map, I hope that is alright with you. I will give you credits wherever I end up posting it!

how to I change the character? I made the sprite, I just don't know how to change the character.

Hello, I liked your work and I want to use it in a college project to finish my course. Can I use it? I will mention you for the sprites that I use. Thanks!


Thank you! Will be put in good use!

what is the size of the tile for the wall? how do i set it up in godot tilemap?

Sorry, I don't know about Godot, in Unity it is 32px*32px.

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These are super high quality, thank you!

I used this asset for my game: https://popcar2.itch.io/vile-roots


how can i open it whit unity?

Nice pack, i'm new in gaming development and i'm using it to create my first game. Here my game area.

Aucune description de photo disponible.

I'd like to put credit. What should I write?

"cainos", literally


Oh... yes, "cainos" is ok, or "cainos.itch.io"

Thanks for the credit.

The character on the left is on the same layer and sorting layer as your PF Player. Any idea, why I got this issue with the grass?

I also asked on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity2D/comments/z92rwp/layer_or_sprite_problem/


The scene also use a Transparancy Sort Mode with axis [0,1,1].

So the character's position also affects its sorting.

Check if your character's sprite pivot is at its bottom.

And at your the [Sprite Render] of your character, the [Sprite Sort Point] should be set to [Pivot].


This totally drove me crazy for the last few days. My pivot was set to center... Thanks again!

thank you helped me alot my game will be very goog

thank you for a great asset! May I ask what color palette you use? I need it to create more assets of the same design for my game. Thank you!

Hello, I did not use any color palette when making this asset.

For color reference please directly pick color from the asset sprites.

Eyedropper tool to the rescue!

Good job! amazing work Im sorry I couldnt pay anything great work though!

Thanks, this is what i find.

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